Dope Black Girl: The Natural Travelista

Meet Dope Black Girl, Javonni McGlaurin. While on Instagram one day I came across a young lady who I saw was traveling and helping in her community. Once she stated she was currently in the Peace Corps I was very interested in knowing more. Please check out our short interview below and learn more about this Dope Black Girl.

So tell me a little about your background. Where do you reside, where are you from and your education?

My name is Javonni McGlaurin. I am a native of Saint Louis, MO. I received my Bachelors of Arts in International Studies from Hampton University. I currently reside in the Philippines as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I am the founder of The Natural Travelista, a natural hair and travel blog exploring my hair and our world.

What has been kept you motivated?
My desire to travel the world and share my discoveries has kept me motivated. More Blacks need to see the options and advantages of traveling outside of their city or state. The Natural Travelista has kept me motivated to keep writing and sharing my stories and stories of people just like me. Hopefully, one young person will read it and realize the world has so much to offer.

What is the most important thing to you right now?
The most important thing to me right now is making my service in the Peace Corps meaningful for myself and others.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
I will be done with my graduate studies and I will have furthered my career in international education and diplomacy. In 2019, I want to be branded as a expert in the field of public diplomacy, specifically international exchange programs.

How do you feel you can make a difference? And what advice do you have for other girls wanting to make a difference?
I think I can make a difference by setting the example. Young girls should be able to see that there is so much out there that they can accomplishp. I would tell a young girl, find that one thing that makes your insides tingle. The thing that you can’t stop talking about and you always seem to bring up in conversations. THAT is what you place your energy and that is where you will make a difference.

What do you feel black women/girls need more of?
Girls can never get enough of role models but they could also use more supporters. Someone being that cheerleader; motivating and encouraging them to set after their goals with fierce determination. Black women could also use more support from each other. Not putting one down but uplifting each other while we reach success .

Describe something you would want people to know about you?
People should know that in your mid twenties you can travel across 34 states, and 15 countries. I did it and I’m pretty sure there are women just like me.

What makes you a dope black girl?

I am a dope black girl because when the odds are against us black girls as a double minority, I defy the odds. I don’t let others opinions influence my decisions. I have embraced who I am and that has given me confidence to do what I feel is right to me. I stay focused on what I want to accomplish.


Thank you so much to Javonni for taking out the time to speak with Dope Black Girl. To follow Javonni on her journey and learn more, stay connected with her at

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